While we’re waiting

Just when we think Ramblin Roger has gone to a beach in Florida and set up his DN,

we hear that he’s checking ice in Greenville. This guy is ramblin’ in the fast lane!

Clouds have covered coastal Maine and we are just about to receive our first solid rain since last year. The wet-out is upon us and I suspect we’ll be on Damariscotta soon. Moosehead, on the other hand, is getting snow with this event so we’ll need to ask Rodger to go back there at some point.

Here’s a video by Joe Terry standing at the windward mark at the recent ISA in Michigan. There’s a Nite start that will get Bunting’s attention, and then A Skeeters that will take your breath away rounding the windward mark:

About our two guys from the east coast, Jordan Glaser got a 7th in the A Skeeter fleet, and Mark Hancik managed a 4th with his Yankee in the B Skeeters. Thanks to those guys for making the trip; let’s hope for a larger East Coast contingent next year. A handful of Whizz could could work wonders!

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