Damariscotta ON Tomorrow, 3/28

We have wet-out: four inches of slush, 18″ ice. Sailing tomorrow with great hopes that tonight’s temps in the high twenties will freeze it. If it does, cloud cover with highs in the low thirties tomorrow should maintain it. Much colder Saturday night for a splendid day Sunday, although with lighter winds. Bring slush runners just in case. Jory and I did the whole lake, top to bottom and back, on slushies two years ago.

There is some snow on the ramp, so we’ll need to do a bit of boat carrying. The Lambs are coming with three Whizz, Denis and Frank with their two, and the local Whizz #2 will give a fleet of six. Any other Whizz are encouraged to come either day this weekend for the largest assemblage to date.

Conditions into the week cautiously optimistic, so this could be good for a while. Similar conditions are reported by Kate Morrone on Sunnapee and by Curtis on Sebago. If Damariscotta doesn’t work out we’ll de-camp to Nason’s on Sebago. The little roughness in the distance, photo above, gives me pause; the scouts didn’t want to beat up the surface with lots of deep footprints all the way out there. Come sailing and see for yourself!

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