Poem Of The Week

Dave Fortier has mined all the old CIBC newsletters for the poems of Dave Wilkins and the late Larry Harman. We will be adding them to the ice poetry department, see above, but meanwhile we will all have the pleasure of a poem a week for while. ODE TO DN 670 Let us recite the ode of Donald Fellows, Who boats each day in the winters. “Hard water sailors have more fun” says he, “If they don’t turn their boats into splinters!” Let us sing the song of Donald Fellows, Ice boatings great Kahuna, And be of good cheer when it turns cold each year, ‘Cause he’ll the good ice sonar. Let us raise our voices for Donald Fellows, Who knows all the lakes out yonder And tells the fleet where they might meet To race, or cruise or wander. And let our praises ring until the spring For this marvelous Donald Fellow Who says, “ice is nice, and will suffice, “Even if it’s as weak as jello!” L. Hardman

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