Poem of the Week

Here’s another from Larry Hardman, but for some visual poetry check out this video sent by T at the NEIYA. It’s hands down the best iceboat racing video ever. Part of the magic is that it celebrates the travelling to interesting places, but the sailing footage is awesome. There’s great scene where three boats tack, one of whom is Ron Sherry. The two other boats pull out of the tack fast and leave Ron behind. But a moment later here comes Ron and smokes the others. Pure poetry.



My wife away from home has many names.
Mistress Cold, I call her,
Paramour Heroic,
Ms. Epic,
Though her name is IDNIYRA.

She sends me home well spent.

For I am a voluptuary, I admit,
Shameless, too,
Lusting for the sing of her in my blood,
The way she take my thoughts,
Incites when she most satisfies,
Cold eyed temptress!

And my other wife, you ask?
I would not this philandering
Were she resentful.
Jealousy is for those of her own kind.
There, I trespass not,
Nor do I care to.

You see, a stoic sensualist am I,
An icy epicure,
Debaucher, carouser, rascal, rake,
Lusting after

Blessed be the fanatics.
Tired world without them.

Grateful am I
To find my own:
Two brides,
one at home, one away,
And so in my heart greater love for all.

L. Hardman

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