CIBC 2014 Yearbook

We are about to order a printed book, collecting the best of the 2014 season. It’s from the archives, photos and all, soft cover, and will cost $48.00. Before we place the order it would be good to know how many to print.
If you would like a copy, please respond before Sunday and we’ll place the order. They will then be available in time for the fall meeting. If this works out we will make it an annual publication with potentially some subsidy from the club. But for this year we will need to bear the cost ourselves.

Thanks, Bill


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2 Responses to CIBC 2014 Yearbook

  1. jorysquibb says:

    i want one!…..jory

  2. Don Stearns says:

    Hi Bill Say, if that book you are printing has any photos by me , then count me in. Think it a capital idea.

    Heck, I’ll take one anyway just because I love your work. Best. Don Stearns

    Can’t wait for the book signing party! Now consider this. If old farts that are warm in bed at 6am mentally decided not to load the boat , frost bite to the pinky or something, just knowing they will miss being in (next years book), should blast them from their slumber and bad habits. Just thinking.

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