Amazing Iceboats at Incredible Prices

Here in the East, Cody Sisson wants to sell his two A Skeeter bubble boats. One is ready to go and the other needs some work, but all the parts are there. Something in the mid four-figures get’s you fastest-boat-on-the-ice, as well as one for your match racing buddy. Write to Cody:

Out in the mid-west, Dan Kampo is selling Miss Wisconsin, something with which he’s spent years chasing the fastest iceboat on the planet prize. The boat is 40 ft long, tubular steel covered in airplane fabric, 38 ft wing spar, 24 ft. plank. Find out all about it here: Timeline There are also 2 Nites in average condition. All for just over $9000.oo

Contact Dan:

For other good stuff, be sure to show up at the swap meet November 7, Knights of Columbus hall, Westborough, MA

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