Canadian Slush Runner Build

Denis and Frank, W-10, W-11, are building new slush runners in Quebec for their Whizz. After the fabulous stretch of spring sailing we had last year they don’t want to risk missing one day. We also had a day early last season when the ice softened and those with slush runners could keep sailing.

The little Shop Bot is cutting profiles from Birch ply, which he’ll then skin with formica. The last set he made had too much rocker and wouldn’t “plane” on the slush.

A nice set of slush runners that Steve Duhamel made has 16″ of camber and work well on both the DN and the Whizz. Paul Zucco, W-7, keeps his slushies as sharp as his plates so he can sail those in the morning of a warming day, and avoid having to go back to the pits to swap runners. A big deal when you’re a long way from home and the ice goes soft.

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