Stuff For Sale

Starter DN. Sarns runners, Raymond composite mast, great sail, nice plank, fuselage a tad on the heavy side. Includes root-top carrier. $1550.oo. Call Fred Wardwell: 342-5570

$490 Two year old North DN storm sail, cut four inches higher at the clew. Includes fiberglass battens, leech and luff telltales and bag. This sail was used only twice. I no longer have a boat that it will fit. Call Scott at 207 446 3918.

Check out New England Ice Yacht Association for more great classifieds and inspiring iceboat deals. For the best deals, of course, come to the Swap Meet Nov. 7, Knights of Columbus Hall, Westboro, MA

Meanwhile, up in Quebec where the first frost has has lit a fire under Denis Guertin and Frank, they are FALL TRAINING Canadian style:

It’s always good to set up the boats before first ice as that to-do list so carefully itemized back in the spring is long gone. Which pin was it that went missing?

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