Still Waiting 12/1

The ice on Plymouth Pond that Bryan Hitchcock found for us last week managed to survive the warm weather over Thanksgiving. The edges melted in places but they are now buttoned up again. By walking very lightly we were able to get thickness samples from the old ice of about an inch. There were slivers of open water in the distance.

Chances are she’ll survive the pending round of warmth and come out the other end set to freeze thick.

Meanwhile, reports from Quebec are infiltrating the border with news of 2″ of black ice. This lovely plate is just starting to get de-flowered by freezing rain, and to complete the utter degradation will be blanketed Thursday in 5-8″ of snow. Why do I share this stuff? Tis a far, far better thing to have lost at lust than never to have lusted at all!

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