The snow has indeed fallen on Lake Abenakis. But there is ice under it, and with the weather being above freezing as much as below, a surface could develop. We’ll know more when our Ice Ace checks it on Sunday. For now, it’s the only game in town. Plymouth is just barely hanging on.

But in other development news, Scott Woodman has reached way outside the box for his new storm sail inspiration:

Rumble seat Skeeters are notorious for poor steering habits, and Outlaw was no exception. But Scott shifted the plank and mast step, re-cut the sail, and managed to get her to handle very well in moderate conditions. But flying the storm sail moved the center of effort forward and the dreaded lee helm returned. Not what you want in high wind conditions.
So here we have Storm Sail 2.0. As much sail area as possible is kept aft, and the forwardmost patch is cut away. Personally, your editor thinks it’s thing of abstract beauty and should be mounted on a weathercocking pedestal somewhere along Route One for all to wonder about. During the off-season only, of course, because Outlaw will be in full time service all winter, come what winds may blow!

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