Lac Joli, 12/ 19

As we have all learned the hard way, the best of ice forecasts can be so easily be rendered asunder by mirthful greater power. So even as conditions weren’t quite right for a regatta, we scratch raced and generally tore around in the most outrageous conditions. A lake side dweller by the name of Etienne lit the fire in his gazebo for us, made a pot of coffee, and displayed the most wonderful generosity. I think it’s important to respond to such hospitable overtures, especially when it’s blowing thirty with driving snow!

Many thanks to “Madam” at Le Morillion for feeding and warming us five frozen iceboaters: Squibb, Buchholz, Lee Spiller, Fortier and Denis Guertin. Also in from Vermont for a quick iceboat tutorial was Ed Pirog, who bought the old stern steerer form Brownsville. Thanks, Dave, for taking the time to show him a couple of things.

Plymouth Pond is still open water.

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  1. John Stanton says:


    Thanks for the report from Quebec. Well worth the trip as we will be wearing shorts for Christmas. But we all know things will change in the days ahead.

    Keep the faith and may the ice be with you. Yes a cheap Star Wars joke,


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