One More Thing

It’s been a long day, and I forgot to include an observation we should all keep in mind. Saturday the ice was five inches thick and fairly uniform. There were no holes or cracks, but there were small mounds of frozen slush. Runners didn’t penetrate these at all.
It continued to snow and blow hard all night. When we got to the lake in the morning it was about half blown clear. There were wind packed drifts, but Jory thought we could blow right through them. I was thinking that with all that wind and runners getting slowed by drifts could be trouble but what no one anticipated was the new slush pits:

They were nominally visible and scattered randomly about. There was solid ice under them, but you can see here how deep they were. We could only guess as to their origin, but we figured it must have been the wind forcing the plate down, thus forcing water up through small cracks to wet out the snow. The more snow that gathered on the wet spot the bigger and deeper they became. Any one else have any ideas? Needless to say, we packed up and came home!

The access was excellent; that’s Etienne in the orange pointing the way to his waterfront gazebo.

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