Secret Day on Sabattus 1/9

Dave Fortier sent this in:

“Received a call Friday evening at about 1930, Eben and Eric were on the road and on their way north. They had heard about the ice and were in the need of some ice time before traveling to the worlds in a couple of weeks. So, while they were driving north I unloaded the Super DN that I had sailed on Friday, and loaded the DN so that we could all be sailing the same boats. Also had to get all my wet gear out of the car so it could be dry by morning.
The boys arrived sometime after 2300. It was misting and slightly below freezing. Eben helped me move some of the heavy stuff on and off of the roof racks so the my rig would be ready to roll in the morning. We were all tired, so not much talk and hit the sack.
In the morning, we had coffee, and watched the weather report, and the prediction was good enough, we carried on. We went to the local Cafe for our hearty breakfast and more coffee, and then it was off to Sabattus. If I remember correctly there was a few raindrops as we got on interstate, luckily that did not last, and the temperature was hovering at 0C.
Driving in at the launch we saw Henry Capotosto and a buddy there, and more ice fishermen than during the week. There was even a fisherman right in the launch area. As we set up our boats we noticed a bit of wind, it was hard to tell how strong as the launch area was protected from the north wind.
So, we finished setting up, and got out on the lake and the breeze was sufficient to sail at a satisfying clip. We were able to sail up and downwind at iceboat like speed. We were able to sail most of the lake chasing each other around as we did not bring the marks! We had a good time and were happy that the wind cooperated, and the rain held off. Eric and Eben were happy to get a bit of ice time, even though it was less than their drive time!
Sabattus is a nice lake, hard to believe we have not sailed it before. It has a nice launch area, and is of good size. I hope that it will survive the rain. fingers crossed, Dave”

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