Sorry, Just One More

This just in from Denis in Quebec. The lesson here is communication. Had they known, these guys could have had a great day on Sabattus. In this age of amazing communication tools, it still comes down to having people willing to share their plans and the ice.

“Hi Bill
You won’t believe how stupid we can get when we search for ice and wind close to home. First, we drove to Pushaw (Jory talked about a fairly good surface). But it was 3/4″ of packed styrofoam. Then, We took I-95 and went to Unity Pond. Very nice ice, but very light wind. So we decided to head back to Québec because today’s forecast was also poor. We stopped in Skowhegan to see Lake Wesserunsett: 8″ of ice everywhere, but 1″ of packed snow. Then we stopped in Jackman to see Wood Pond. 5″ of ice but better ice, less snow on it. Final Result: 700 km, no sailing!!

In Lambton, Lac St. Francois has 4″. It must have frozen on Monday because it was still open water last week-end (I was here). Amazing how ice built fast. I am confident to sail here next week. We expect rain tomorrow and quick drop of the temps on Monday, and light snow with strong winds until Mid week. The surface should be OK for the end of the week if snow remains light.

Tell your students that it is a crazy sport. Or a superb sport for crazy people. ”



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