Moosehead Update

Rockwood on Moosehead Lake

Our spy in the sky Dave Godine had this to say: “Flew around a few days ago Moosehead had nice ice around Rockwood area, it really is the only lake around with decent ice.”

This confirms what we’ve been thinking, so as soon as the brutal winds and cold abate somewhat we’ll launch at Rockwood for a scouting expedition. We hope to have a solid report by late Thursday for those planning to make weekend plans.

The Portland Press Herald gave us some excellent publicity around last week’s sail at Sabbatus.

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1 Response to Moosehead Update

  1. Boris Dmitrieff says:

    Hi Bill,

    My brother Bob Lawrence lives on the lake in Rockwood, I just spoke with him and he says the ice is beautiful.

    Lawrence’s lakeside cabins is his business, He is open,He welcomes sailors, and his rates are reasonable.

    Cheers, Rob


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