1/20 Moosehead, Now and Forever

Well, at least in iceboaters time. The forecast is clear of snow well into the future. Ice is six inches, clear marbly stuff with mature cracks. The limits haven’t be scouted yet, but there will be boats there tomorrow to complete the exploration: Frank and Denis, myself, Ramblin Roger and possibly Chad and Oliver. If anyone else plans to come, please check in. All are welcome to eat your lunch in Cabin 12 at The Birches. We’ll have a cone or flag on the shore indicating where to moor.

This view is near The Birches, where three of us will be staying. South, to the right a couple of miles, is the public boat launch at Rockwood which is getting plowed out tonight and will be the main launch area. There is a strip of brash ice between this view and the launch which extends across to Kineo and needs to be checked for crossings and quality.

The NEIYA will be holding Regattas all weekend, so come racing, come touring, come what may this is the only known ice in New England at the moment. And just to show how badly Mother Nature feels for screwing with us all season, the Big Winter Storm forecast to drench the entire northeast will miss Moosehead. Driving could be tough for some but just come early and leave late!

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  1. David Fortier says:

    Bill I will be heading up tomorrow/thursday, but later in the afternoon. I believe I will be towing my trailer. I will guess there is no problem getting a place at the Birches so will stay there as well. Cheers, Dave >

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