Schoodic Lake

From the looks of this picture, I’d say the lake should be called Schooooooodic. This is just the kind of stuff that freezes hard in marginal conditions. A combination of drainage and evaporation leaves very little work for the temperature to do.

Bob Lombardo offers these fine words of encouragement:

Here is what the lake looked like today. Had no phone or I would have called. Knights Landing on Brownville side is doable for boats. From the landing all the way to the north end was pressure ridge free, and anywhere from 8-10″ of hard ice textured and not, some really smooth, some hard textured wind bumps. We think it will survive yet another onslaught of weather. Today was way better than Saturday and we were out for over 3 hours traveled from south to north ends which gave us about 22-24mi and then some.

Anyone interested in a mid week romp? Just for the record, Lac Megantic was looking magestic upon drive by yesterday. Anyone know of a contact there? Will?

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  1. David Fortier says:

    FYI Great pond open, info from nephew in law via sister >

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