Schoodic Lake

It’s just east of Brownsville, proposed launch at Knight’s Landing, about halfway up on the west side. We are trying to rouse interest for tomorrow, and Saturday is looking very good.

Bob Lombardo reports:

“We went out on the ice at 1pm and got off at 3:30. The only soft spots were the white or remains of the white areas. Out in the very middle of the south end there is a very smooth area [acres large] but we checked it and it is a little thinner (8″)and it was not as hard as most other areas. That area was very flat and smooth and had water sitting on it from the rain. We expect that spot to get hard and safer over the weekends predicted cold temps at night. The most consistent ice was in the north end which we did not get to today, but yesterday it was almost down to its hard ice and then had a prickly surface. That is probably much smoother today. North end is quite big if you start at Knights landing on Brownville side and head north [look at map of lake]. You will need a plank there. There were no pressure ridges from Knights up to north end yesterday and a few down south. Best to go to Knights landing. You turn right off of 11 in Brownville at 4 corners and swing to the left after crossing bridge and look for turn to the lake. When you get to the end or T take right and look for the landing. You will have to park along side the road which should be easy [very little camp traffic]. Knights Landing will look like a closed down store, landing across street.
The south end is the widest and overall biggest and you could probably make it down into that with some scouting. We have not traveled down the very middle of the lake, we have cut across it in several places. Its a pretty big lake for a pair of skaters to scout. We love Schoodic.”

Any interest? I have a car in the shop and need a ride for myself and DN. 975-6980!
Sloppy weather for the rest of the week, recovering for the weekend.

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  1. Godin, David says:

    I can go, although looks like rain/snow showers till 05:00am. In the Houlton and Millinocket forecast, And not very cold temps. Let me know what the consensus is thanks Dave Godin

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