Small Lady Sings

Even though Jim still has his DN rack on the truck, and even though Kate went skiing yesterday with her iceboat trailer just in case there was sailing to be had, and even though Bob Lombardo sends us these awesome photos, I think this time is really it. It would probably be unprecedented if we were to go sailing AFTER the Spring Meeting, and even though that ice will still be up there, we have rain and snow coming. Then there’s that deep glow of fellowship and closure from the meeting today, saying our farewells like summer campers in the fall.

Thanks to Eben and John Stanton for coming all the way to Maine to be there. It means a lot to us. And to everyone else who went all out with the food. Wonderful! The Damariscotta Lake Farm Inn is back in business and open all year. That means rooms for out of state iceboaters next March. It continues to be an excellent venue for the meeting, thanks David Lampton.
As we’ve managed to sail in April for the past few years, even in this rather difficult season, it was decided to hold the Spring Meeting on the last Sunday of the month from now on, just in case there is a slim chance on yet another last sail. It was also moved that the CIBC will hold the Century Marathon annually, and Dave Fortier will see if there is an old CIBC trophy that can be re-purposed. And way-to-go Bob, who just today hit 65 days on the ice AND 65 years old. Thanks for the photos. It doesn’t hurt THAT much…

Scott Woodman, who sold Outlaw this season, found a new boat at the meeting. It’s the Nite builder’s (S&R) answer to the Lockly Skimmer. Thanks to Fred Muser for dragging it back from Wisconsin.

So here’s the Small Lady Singing. Turn up the volume and break out the tissue:

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