2016 Warner St Claire Award for Contribution to Iceboating Winner

Bill Award Phot credit Kate Morrone

I can not think of anyone who has contributed more to the CIBC and the sport of ice boating this past year and every year he has set blades to ice, than Bill Buchholz. The CIBC is proud to add his name to the Warner St. Claire Award for Contribution to Iceboating Award. Bill’s coat tails are long and extend over all bodies of water (frozen) near, far and sometimes remote. His coat tails subtly draw the experienced and novice sailors onto the best ice. If Bill isn’t sailing, you can be sure that no one else in Maine and likely the northeast is on the ice.

During his leadership of Chickawaukee Ice Boaters Inc. Bill Buchholz has done all sorts of things such as collaborating in the design of the “Whizz” class of pocket skeeters and having plans drawn up for same, providing masts for several of them and, not least, demonstrating what a fine ice yacht it is in all regards.  He continues to dig old classic boats out of the woodwork, resuscitate them, and find homes for them.  He is a champion of “touring” ice boating opening our eyes to new ice and getting many of us off our duffs sailing all over the place where we haven’t been before.  He has formed sailing relationships with our Northern neighbors in Canada.  He has this strange winter turned a crummy local season into a continuing series of interesting and challenging sailing experiences.  He has broadened our horizons and concepts of “touring”, adding adventure such as the trips to Moosehead and the recent “100mile race” to our former casual sailing.  Now he is trying to get land sailing going in the “off season”.  He has done a fine job of keeping   “iceboat.me”  timely and interesting with almost real time reporting and fine photography.  He is a fine imaginative and inspiring  leader truly deserving of the recognition of the award.

Bill, thanks for making this years Warner St. Claire award such an easy choice. We all look forward to next and the following seasons with you.

Chickawaukee Ice Boat Club membership at large.

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