Bob Lombardo Calls It Quits

Bob Lombardo proves the adage that if there’s ice out there, somewhere, the iceaholic cannot rest. But now that Bob’s done we can all relax, stop checking the web cams and begin ignoring the weather forecast.

Thanks for all the great scouting this winter Bob!

“Last day today and I do mean that.
Rode my bike to Togue Pd in Baxter [8mi]. Surface was sublimated but I found good hard ice on the edge, enough to make me happy. Cold enough to skate, full sun, singing birds and no wind. A lovely last day, or early morning I should say. Sad to see a lake with thick ice locked to its shores but with the surface beat to death from the April sun.
I am onto my bikes.

Have a great summer.”
Last day of skating season 2015. Remote Togue Pd. Baxter State Park Maine.

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  1. Robert Lombardo says:

    I thank all in CIBC for their scouting and dedication to ice sports. I should have shown a photo of just how sublimated the ice was because some of the photos look like nice shiny ice. How deceptive ice can be.

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