Project Roundup

One harbinger of a cold winter is a bumper crop of acorns. Another is a proliferation of ice boat building and restoration projects. Deep in an iceboater’s bones there exists an autonomous hot line to the ice-crystal weather ball. These guys just know that this will be a cold winter.

Bobby Strzelewicz, on Lake Charcoccacocomanuhauccacoccchhaubunacuncamaucc (has a man and his lake ever been better suited to one another?) is building a small skeeter that will utilize a Gambit rig.

His use of blocks and wedges to clamp the bottom edge of his side boards is very elegant.

The decks are strip planked. It is Bobby’s own design; after many sleepless nights rolling the details around in his head, he went into the garage one day and in less than a week had the fuselage built. We can’t wait to see it out there on his lake, also known as Webster.

Speaking of strip plank decks, there are a number of new Mini-Skeeters. Frank Ables’s Rolling Rock #33 was previewed here back in June. He’s just finishing up the painting and promises to send photos soon. We are building one for Jory Squibb, #46, (ICYWOOD and all the gear are for sale!) which should give Frank a run for his money. Ryan Haskell has plans for #40, but is just getting started. Mike Acebo has built two, and Brian Langley one.

Over in Plattsburgh, on Lake Champlain, Andy Sajor has saved this small skeeter from the burn pile and hopes to have it on the ice this winter. He reports that it was designed by a local guy drawing on elements of many boats and utilizing a DN rig. It’s a tad smaller than a Whizz.

The CIBC fall meeting has been scheduled for Sunday, November 6 at Dave Fortier’s in Biddeford, ME. Meeting at eleven, followed by pot luck lunch. As always, the club will provide the protein on the grill; bring salads and drinks.
The NEIYA has their meeting and Swap-Meet-that-can’t-be-beat on the Saturday 11/5 at the usual location at the Nites of Columbus Hall in Westboro, MA. All the right stuff, and all the greatest folks. Don’t miss it. And the catered lunch is only ten bucks!

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