What Lake IS That?

There are those who can’t accept that there’s really a lake called Charcoccacocomanuhauccacoccchhaubunacuncamaucc actually exists. When Jory and I first sailed this fabulous lake in Massachusetts, we ate at a restaurant that had a map of the lake in the foyer. The name bordered the entire top of the map, and as we were walking out, marveling at all those letters, an old guy came in. I asked him if he was from around there, and if he could pronounce the name of the lake. Without missing a beat he rattled off a couple of dozen syllables as if he had learned them in grade school. It’s always amazing to find local cultural touchstones in our increasingly homogeneous world.

This, alone, would be an effective argument for travelling to iceboating venues beyond your normal horizons. You find treasures like this:

And then if you’re really lucky you’ll meet great people who will teach you how to pronounce it!

And speaking of meeting great people and finding treasures, don’t forget about the NEIYA Swap Meet Nov. 5 at the Nites of Columbus Lodge in Westboro MA, and the CIBC meeting at Dave Fortier’s the day after.

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2 Responses to What Lake IS That?

  1. Margaret Buchholz says:

    it would lbe interesting to know the origin of the word. >

  2. Steve Lamb says:

    The meaning of the name of the lake come from the Nipmuck Indians ” You fish on your side, I fish on my side and nobody fishes the middle

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