In spite of heading off to the woods for the start of bow hunting season, Bob Strezlewicz managed to get a coat of paint on his new Skeeter. By the time he gets that deer in the freezer and the hardware mounted it’ll be time to go sailing. Way to go, Bobby.

Andy Sajor has made some good progress on his old boat, cutting down and old Hobie Cat sail. Kevin Grindle and his guys on Walker Pond have made good use of these sails for years.

All he has left is to align the runners and upholster the seat.

Some one from the design department at U-Haul must have see Kevin at some point: look at the sails. The artwork featured on the sides of their trucks and trailers are destination icons: lighthouses, redwoods, etc., but who could have imagined that Lake Hopatcong and iceboating would make the cut?

No news from Pat and Chris, the two Whizz on Nantucket, but we can only hope that they’re too busy building to check in. Jory’s new Mini-Skeeter #46 is done and just awaiting his rig. Lots of people were afraid that because he is selling all his gear he was getting out of the sport. Nope: he’s just doubled down and lightened his load. He’ll have ICYWOOD at the swap meet and will sell her as a package or as parts, trailer as well.

CIBC hats and jackets will be at the meet to be picked up by those who’ve ordered, and hats for sale. If you’d like a jacket there is still time, but there is a minimum order of six. We have one order so far. Write me at with questions. Deadline is this coming Tuesday night.

This season we’ll have a large screen web cam for Damariscotta Lake thanks to the efforts of Ryan Haskell. It’s almost ready to go live, and I’ll post it here when it does. Thanks Ryan!

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