It’s Coming

This interesting report on the behavior of the Arctic air mass confirms what we are observing here:

Siberian air Will Blow to U.S. as Polar Vortex Breaks Down & Jet Stream Crosses North Pole

Plymouth Pond appears to be ready to flash on Sunday, building ice through the next two nights, with daily temps remaining below freezing. It will warm up just a bit later in the week, but there is no snow in sight. This could be fun. We’ll check in with our spy on Monday, and hopefully he’ll give the go-ahead to go check it out on Tuesday. The other good news is that the recent rains have probably brought water levels up, so there’s no need to bring grass runners…

This lovely 30’s vintage Palmer lives at the Pioneer Village Museum in Minden, Nebraska. I thought the stern is just so beautiful that I had to share it. There are a number of great building projects in New England just now (to be featured in a later post), but sadly, all of them are well past the stern building phase. To me, building another boat just to have the opportunity to create this would be so worth it!

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