Sailing Cobbossoconte

After a long scouting skate and still now wind, Jim Gagnon showed up rigged his boat, pushed out and up came the wind. It wasn’t even subtle at first: someone just flipped the switch. We headed north, trying to stay deep in the light air. There was just enough to get wound up, but we all took turns stalling out. The Cheapskates were right up there contending for gold.

We made it just to the north of Horseshoe Island. There was an unspoken Chicken-game going on: who would be the first to turn back? The wind did not inspire confidence.

The plate was generally fine, especially further north. There were some places like this, however, and Jim managed to find one on the home stretch, dropped a runner in and ripped off the plank. There was still enough breeze to tow him home.

We’ve decided to sail Damariscotta tomorrow before we loose it on Thursday. We might be loosing our cherished access, too. The “clubhouse” is for sale. Any thoughts on forming an investor’s group to buy it?

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  1. Ben Fuller says:

    So what do they want for it? Does the shed for stowage of iceboats, softwater boats etc. go with it? Hope to have Tippy on the trailer Friday after getting the dory launched in Camden.

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