Bo Derek on Damariscotta 12/21

Tip of the helmet to Kevin Grindle for an excellent name for as good as it gets. Wind forecast was dubious, although Bunting was convinced it would be “windy”. In spite of that, twelve boats showed up and raced up and down the North Broads as soon as the wind came up. The WSW wind is not the usual for this lake, so it allowed close reaching down and deep reaching back up. Non-stop drag racing until the wind was switched off at about three o’clock.

There is a small pressure ridge just offshore from the pits running north-south, but it is easily sailable. Ice is four inches everywhere we checked. That ridge swings to the east at the south end and was not crossed.

The ice is just as nice as it looks, but snow is due tomorrow. We’re hoping for rain on the coast as Chickie and Megunticook are ready to sail now, right after that jolly guy bearing gifts finishes his rounds. Lloyd and Jory sailed Megunticook after skating Chickie and report ice almost as nice as this. Thanks to Fortier, Raymond, Guertin, Rindlaub, MacEwen, Bunting, Gagnon skating (he’s fine after his crash yesterday), his pal Jimi, John, all the others I’m forgetting for taking a chance on the forecast and showing up! Stand by for next time.

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  1. Court Dwyer says:

    Saw you guys out there yesterday: adds even more class to the lake. I’m to your left [east shore] as you sail south from Damariscotta Lake Farm; big sail boat in the picture window on the house closest to the lake, look across and we’re hard to miss, looks white from a distance but is really lite green.. Wave next time :-).

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