Damariscotta 1/28

What’s left to say? Steve Lamb figured it out: he believes this lake is magic. No drain holes, no new hazzards, the pressure ridge healed and almost impossible to see, ramp clear, ice 10″ thick. Combine that with full sun and nearly thirty of happy iceboaters, add about 15-20kts of wind and boil until fried. The light dusting of snow was a bit of a reality check this morning, but the indomitable spirit of the hardwater sailor didn’t miss a beat: there was no grumbling in the pits and in gratitude for such a good attitude, the snow was blown clear by mid-day.
There was a moment n the morning when I found myself in a great drift of blowing snow, sailing downwind with it at windspeed, seemingly getting born along on a magic carpet of white with no ice in site.
Long distance travel award goes to Paul Zucco and George Nyson from CT, and Mike, Rick and Doug from Long Island.
Thanks to Jim Gagnon for the nifty new flags which now mark the lead at the south end of the narrows (leave to the right going down) and two at the entrance to the Arm (first one leave to the left, second one to the right going down. Great fun doing it at speed)

Tip of the helmet to Guy Pollyblank and Pat Furr for getting their boats dialed in and sailing them very well, Guy with Dickie’s old Defroster and Pat with Whizz #5, Gee Whizz. And one more tip to James Lamb’s partner Jill for embracing the sport, and all that it involves:

Linc Davis Regatta to be held tomorrow. All DN’s welcome! Come early, don’t miss it.

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