Still Great After All These Days

Lighter wind then yesterday brought out still more boats. Lighter means 10-15 instead of the 15-25 from yesterday. There were boats up the lake, down the lake, in the narrows and on the race course. We held the Linc Davis Regatta and got in five races. Results will be posted soon.

The mighty Ray Ruge Hagarty made her debut on big ice, feeling a bit constricted on Meguntcook. We had a chance to really open her up and if you’ve ever imagined what it would be like to drive a locomotive, well, it was like that. Pure power, smooth and deep.

The pits were abuzz with activity all day. Many folks had their first ride in an iceboat and there was plenty of talk of building & buying boats. We can only hope some of the talk leads to action.

Mike Acebo sent these pix from a trip down the arm, which some folks wonder why it’s not called the leg, but such is the way with place names.

As not everyone is rushing back to work tomorrow, there are still boats on the ice with skippers planning on sailing. The plate is beginning to work. A crack has opened up toward the south end of the North Broads. There were a row of flags there today, but the crack will keep doing something all night. The bottom of the narrows is getting tricky as well. And a crack was forming about a third of the way down the South Broads. All these hazzards are easily negotiated if you keep your goggles clean and eyes open.

The quality of the ice in the South Broads continues to prove the old ax that the ice is always better on the other side of the narrows/pressure ridge/whathaveyou. Good chance of snow on Wednesday, with little hope of recovery. If this is it, it has indeed been the best and longest run of excellent conditions on Damariscotta Lake in recent iceboating history. We were blessed to be a part of it, and not stuck in a departure lounge somewhere being indefinitely detained by a demented dictator.

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  1. Bob MacEwen says:

    Hi Bill,
    Just a couple of points: My last name is spelled MacEwen, and on Saturday I set the new Cheapie speed record at 45.6 MPH measured on my GPS and 45.7 MPH on Lloyd’s. I have a picture of the screen of my GPS that I could email you if you want it. I just don’t have your email address.


    Bob MacEwen

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