Dammy 1/30

Quite a few folks set up today in spite of the low wind forecast. Sounds like it was worth it. Jim Gagnon sends this report, with pictures by Kate Morrone:

“15 + or – boats were sailing at times; the winds were light and shifty. We had a good time with the reporters from the BDN. The were very interested and asked lots of great questions. As the winds were light there were not a lot of great photo ops, but they did get some shots of all us as posers. They spoke with almost everyone there then headed out on to the ice. Bill Bunting attempted to give one a ride but the wind just did not cooperate. The photographer, who was on skates, entertained Bill and I with a little ice dancing. See video sent separately.”

Her article will be in Friday’s edition, outdoors section. I invited them to follow the web site and come back when more winds were promised for a better ride.

Back to business, the winds were calm at noon so I skated down to the South Broads to check the south entrance to the narrows. The ridge where the flag is posted is about the same but a crack has opened up running due south from the flag for about 200 feet then takes a left turn to the shore, it is 6 to 8 inches wide. This needs to be watched. The new ridge that is forming about 1/3 mile or so north of the ice shacks, before the North entrance to the narrows, seems active with a small hump forming about 20 feet in front of the flagging tape that was placed. This also needs to be watched. It was only about 3 inches wide.

The wind came up for about 30 minutes and we finished off the day with a game of chase around the north end. The wind died as we just made it to the pits in time to pack up.

If this video won’t come through on the post, allow me to say that when I suggested the reporters bring their skates, I had no idea…!

Thanks Jim and Kate for taking the time to send these in, and to Fred Greis for the hot dog and burger barbecue at lunch time.

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