More on Monday on Dammy

This one courtesy of Bill Bunting:

“Monday was ultimately another delightful day on our magical lake, but very different from the last two. Gone was the weekend crowd, with perhaps a dozen boats left on the ice. The plate was superb, the sun was bright, the company excellent — all that was needed was wind, which is the seemingly inevitable result when media people arrive. Today it was two very pleasant, smart, and engaged young women from the Bangor Daily News, a reporter and a photographer.

A weak and transitory westerly breeze appeared mid-morning, sufficient to prove to the press that iceboats do work, but it didn’t last long enough to give any rides. While we waited for another breeze we were entertained by the graceful figure-skating of the photographer ( regretfully I am too old to remember names). But patience was eventually rewarded, although not until after the press had headed back for Bangor, and the day was capped by a wonderful SW breeze as the sun descended that made the day worthwhile for those with the patience to hang in there. Then it quit as suddenly as it had come, although most everyone was able to sail or drift back to the farm.

Half a dozen boats owned by incurable optimists remain on the ice, awaiting come what may.”

It looks like the photographer is really moving, or taking a nap!

Bill Bunting

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  1. Breck says:

    I NEED a little more ice time ! With this super light snow, I am heading back to Dammy on Thursday to give it a try. I love sailing in light snow…. flying on a cloud. Hope others will try. I brought my boat home on Tuesday but wish I had just left it there.
    Keep sailing.
    Breck Holladay DN5011

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