Ice on Chickie

The ice that vanished today actually was used once this season. We had a nice fire on the beach heating a pot of baked beans. The big hole that never froze until way into the winter was marked by Lloyd with four cones. There was match racing all morning until the wind died, and the hole was the leeward mark.

Some weeks later, a neighbor who was working on a house with a nice view of the lake told me that another worker pointed out those cones, wondering who would be marking such a huge and obvious hole. “Well,” he said, “I have a hunch it might be my neighbor, the one who sails iceboats.” Just goes to show it pays to keep promoting iceboating awareness.

And just a note to tuck in the back of your mind: Moosehead will be having a cold snap early next week, with temps Monday night around twenty. If the edge survives this week, there will be a small contingent on Tuesday heading to Rockwood who refuse to accept the Robins and crocuses. Stay tuned here, or be in touch.

The building and repair season starts now: always put your runners away sharp, replace missing pins, knock off the punch list before it’s forgotten!

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