Ice Report, 4/19

There’s a warm wind blowing on Moosehead Lake today, from the south at twenty. The surface is looking better and better. The skies are overcast, all the better to prevent slush-out, but with the strong wind and slush runners iceboaters would be having a ball today.

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Alas, the thrill is gone. Iceboaters have heard the Fat Lady and succumbed to her siren song. Work is getting done, gardens tilled. But what Maine iceboater doesn’t feel the nip in the air today, notice the swaying of the pines, and just wonder if maybe we should have gone after all. It was in the cards, this cold snap having been well forecast over a week ago. But one by one the intrepid hard core of the CIBC slipped sheepishly into spring.

So it’s quiet day on Moosehead Lake. The snowmobilers and ice fisherman have left, summer visitors yet to arrive. It could have been ours, but now it belongs only to the creeping warmth, and a certain singer who’s mournful message can be heard in the wind.

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  1. jorysquibb says:

    I share your wistfullness, Bill; but I think you’re being a little hard on our wisdom. I scrutinized the webcam as closely as I could and frankly it seemed like we’d be sailing on a poorly frosted cake. There was no joy out there as far as I could tell.
    Thanks for your–and everybody’s –help in making it another great season. We seem to be holding on against the rising temperatures. May it long continue! Jory

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