Iceboating Speed Record

Iceboaters are a curious lot. We tend to be a bit embarrassed by the question of how fast iceboats go. We don’t want to brag, yet we know that the speed is fairly spectacular. Then again, we’re not really in it for the speed. Racers want to get around the course sailing high and fast upwind, and deep and fast downwind. Cruisers want to drag race the boat next to them, but soon get distracted by the allure of a distant point, secluded cove or short tacking narrows.
But every now and then along comes someone with the drive to push the limit. We had Richard Jenkins with Greenbird, which was very impressive but ultimately not successful. There are unlikely fables of gaff rigged stern steerers dragging their bulk through the air at over 100 mph. And now along comes Stefan Dalberg from Alberta with his unique vision.
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The whole story is here:
As with all high tech endeavors, we can hope that some high tech crumbs trickle down to improve the lot of the common sailor.

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  1. Dan Secor says:

    Whatever you do, don’t give thesis guys any money. Their target speed is less than an article in Wooden Boat # 110 around 1993 claims concerning Dan Clapp. I still have that article in hard copy but I’m pretty sure the record belongs to a red and white boat built by Peter Harken claiming 143 mph. I can’t find that article but it did mention that at some point Harken trashed his knee in a serious iceboat crash. These speeds have been recorded by skeeters 30 years ago without any silly spiraling courses to build up preliminary speed. Those of us with iceboat experience will attest to the acceleration which needs no wasted time circling for a start. The Alberta venue seems like the right place for a record attempt but these guys could save a lot of time and effort by contacting Dan Clapp before going any further.

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