40″ Plate Runners

We are doing a run of 440c 1/4″ x 4 x 40″ plate runners, less stiffeners, and have ordered a few extra pairs. The finished plates will be heat treated to Rc 57, and Blanchard ground flat. All the holes will be drilled, the edge beveled and the profile cut out. It will be up to you to add rocker to the edge and make the stiffeners.

These are a different set just back from the surface grinder, but just give an idea of what to expect. The profile will be a bit more “modern”, and there will be a larger hole for the pivot bolt. The steel is on it’s way to the machinist for drilling and shaping, and we hope to have them done by some time in August. Estimated cost is $800.00 per pair.

The idea is twofold. There will be about as much cutting length on the ice as a 36″ insert, but with the long nose it will take bumps and cracks better, and will be much easier when crossing pressure ridges. They are heavier than inserts which, aside from the carrying down to the ice, is generally a good thing out there on the end of the plank. Write me at hilltop@midcoast.com. First come first serve!

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