Launch Etiquette

The very first thing we’ll be doing this season, after setting up the boat and fixing those little things we forgot about from last season of course, is to back our cars, trucks or trailers down the ramp, un-load and launch. On that, John Ziermann from the Ronkonkoma Ice Yacht Club on Long Island has these thought to share. We’re pretty good at this generally, but a little refresher couldn’t hurt. Article #4 is especially important as we try to build the sport.

1. When I get to the launch site, I’ll unload everything
quickly, without lots of chatting with other folks.

2. If there’s someone else unloading, I’ll offer to help
with boats, since sometimes two people can get two

boats on the ice faster than they can set up one boat each.

3. As soon as I’m done unloading, I’ll move my car away
from the launch point/ramp/whatever. THEN I’ll finish
assembling the boat(s). I’ll do this even if I’m one
of the first people at the site.

4. If I see someone who looks new to the ice, I’ll
introduce myself, and mention our club, even if it
means I’ll spend a few minutes less on the ice myself.

5. I’ll ask others about hazards before I hoist my sail.

6. I’ll pause for a moment each time I sail to think
about the risks, about safety, about who’s on the
ice and how safely they seem to handle their boats, etc.

This past weekend at the NEIYA meeting, Leo Healy was honored for his decades of devotion to iceboating. After he was granted a lifetime club membership and a a moderate roast; more of a saute actually, he was asked to give us a few words. There were only a few, but they were good ones:

“In heavy air, know the rules of the road. In light air know your boat. Think ice, and there is always thin ice somewhere”.

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