Lac Joli Four inches of Grade 9

Denis and Frank had a great day on smooth ice and buckets of wind. They rigged DN masts with storm sails on the Whizz and blasted around the little pond all day, comfortable, fast, no hiking. Denis couldn’t say enough about the Whizz and how incredibly versatile it is. A few snow squalls came through but the plate was kept clear by the wind. You need a little excitement every now and then just to keep you interested on such an intimate plate.

The boats are set up on the ice for another day tomorrow. Wind isn’t supposed to be nearly as generous, but on ice like this it don’t take much. The snow forecast for later in the week looks like the real thing, so this might be it for a while. Sainte Aurelie is one hour beyond Jackman, just so you know how close it actually is!

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