More Sailing in Quebec

Frank and Denis are still at it, and they’d like some company!

“Frank and I sailed Lac Joli again today (already my 3rd sail on this lake this year!!). Ice was still very nice. Wind was light but strong enough to keep us going without having to run. Sunshine was just beautiful and warm. Obviously, we rigged our Whizz with the wing masts and full size Whizz sails. Frank had to be back in town for 2:30, so we stopped at 1:15 and packed the boats.

Tomorrow’s forecast is a little bit of rain, followed by some light snow, but I’m confident that the snow will not falll enough to cover the surface. So, maybe more sailing on this lake by the end of the week.

Lake Abenakis was frozen again this morning…”

Black Ice Friday anyone?

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