Pushaw Lake

No photo, no idea how thick, but the surface was walk-on-reported to be hard and dry today. No water, no slush. Ice tight to the shore at Goulds Landing. Overnight temps marginal. After nearly a month without sailing this sounds pretty darn good so Mr Gagnon and I will have a look at it tomorrow and report. Sunday and Monday nights look colder, so our patience may be about to get rewarded.

The CIBC Spring Meeting is planned for Saturday, April 14 at the Damariscotta Lake Farm Inn. Bring some more of that amazing food that just keeps getting better and better every year. Business meeting at 11:00, pot luck lunch to follow. The bar will be open, which is not to say we will have an open bar…

We reserve the right to cancel at the last minute should there be a lake somewhere that desperately needs to be sailed. Moosehead, for example.

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