Pushaw A Bust 3/31

Every now and then it’s a good idea to take your iceboat trailer for a ride just to make sure everything works, the bearings run cool and the tires hold air. So the run up to Pushaw wasn’t a total waste of time. It was great just to be on some ice again.

The launch is in excellent shape, and the smooth white surface extends to the horizon. Sadly, only the top layer of slush has frozen. The head of the ax returned a deep hollow sound. Under the frozen top there’s still six inches of water.

But under those six inches there’s still 24” of ice, measured through a recent fishing hole. Considering the amount of snow we’ve had this might be typical of what’s on other lakes still with tons of ice. Will the surface recover before it’s too late?

Rumor has it that Sunapee it in better shape, with only an inch of water under a good surface. Sunday night’s low temps might take care of that for Monday, but the wind forecast is light. Then starts a long spell of rain.
The search continues.

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