CIBC Fall Meeting

As is tradition in the CIBC, our annual fall meeting will be held Sunday, Nov. 4, hosted by Dave Fortier at his place. The meeting will start at 11:00am promptly with an excellent pot luck lunch to follow. Discussing iceboats will continue throughout the afternoon. Please bring something scrumptious to add to the table. #12 Cretian Rd., Biddiford, ME 04005

While you’re waiting, here’s some food for ice-thinking:

If you need a diversion of another sort-something with a tingle in it when you want a tingle or peace when your soul cries out for peace- something that carries with it constant change and endless variety, what you want is iceboating; what you ought to have is an iceboat. And now is the time to begin looking for one if you hope to be clear headed and ready for winter.

You will experience what no other sport with the possible exception of hunting, can produce- that feeling of utter detachment form a drab and dusty world that comes when black ice is all around you. You will find your spine a-tingle when you have beneath you a lean lovely thing of wood and snowy canvas above, racing along the frozen lake, ice chips parting under the deft touch of sharpened steel, going where you want her to go, leaping to your touch and trusting your skill as a fresh breeze whistles out of an indigo sky.

Adapted from G.K Seagrove

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