Most of us should have received the new newsletter by now, those who are paid-up CIBC members. Curtis has done a terrific job as new secretary filing Lloyd’s shoes (size 13, by the way). As we age, however, names become nebulous. Lloyd tells us in his interview that Tom Watson was a founding member of the club along with Warner St.Clair. Actually, it was Mr. Watson’s yacht captain Paul Wolter who was the hard driving DN sailor who always said: “if we are sailing, we are racing!”. He was very charismatic, a great story teller and a fantastic sailor. Tom Watson was too busy for iceboating at the time, founding and running a little company called IBM.
In a nice little twist, one of the Watson family’s skippers today is the son of Maine Nite sailor Bob Norton, Derek Norton. He’s hoping to get his Dad’s boat back on the ice this winter. That boat, along with the one for sale here at Iceboat Central (975-6980) will give us five Nites in Maine and the potential hold the first ever Nite Eastern Regional Championship Regatta. Step Up!

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