Alaska Earthquake Rocks Ice

A couple of guys have been sailing Lake Lucille near Anchorage for a couple of weeks now. Unfortunately the recent level seven earthquake not only damaged the roads leading to the lake, but the ice itself is no longer reliable. Of all the elements that threaten the existence of a fine sweet plate we now need to add earthquakes? Can you imagine what an under-ice tsunami would look like?

If you can, have a look at these photos on the big screen. Here in Maine we have one little snowcapped peak that can be seen from parts of Moosehead and all of South Twin. Wonderful as that is, this scenery is mindblowing.

Nothing much happening icewise around here. Pushaw is still locked in but has drain hole through slush ice and not enough deep cold in site to heal it. If conditions hold for the ISA next weekend in Battle Lake I say the entire club leases a semi, loads boats and goes.

Thanks to Roger Burleigh for sending the photos. He reports that everyone is shaken, but not stirred…

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