First Sail in Maine

Maces Pond, Rockport, has been frozen ever since the first cold snap a few weeks ago. Ice fishermen were drilling holes on it last weekend. But other local ice was coming and going, rotting and growing. It finally dawned on me to actually go have a look at it this morning. Found 3” of hard slush ice. Jory came a bit later and scouted the entire plate; might have taken him all of ten minutes. He went straight to Lloyd’s, helped him load the Cheapskate and scooted home for his boat.

The wind was on again-off again, but it felt great to play the shifts and get rewarded with that old friend Acceleration. The surface was excellent. The pond might be 1/4 mile by 100 yards, but in a breeze a handful of boats could have lots of fun.
Next possibility is next Wednesday, if the ice survives the coming rain. It’s been through hell already so maybe it’s made of something special. As they always say, it’s in the water.

The first boats on the ice prize couldn’t go to a more deserving pair. Congratulations gentlemen!

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