Pushaw Rough But Good Enough

The south end is indeed a bit rough, especially with fifteen knots and gusting. But once you get past the pressure ridges, passing behind Dollar Island, and get into the north end the grade goes from a low five to a very high eight. The ice is hard hard hard, so be sure to show up with sharp runners. There was a skim of snow in the morning, but as soon as the wind came up it blew off in great clouds.

Because the ice was invisible below the scudding cloud it felt like flying a Sopwith Camel in 1917, scouring the depth of the mist for the lurking Fokker. Above, the quality of the surface in the north end.

DN racing is ON for tomorrow. The NEIYA plans to hole both the New England Championship and the Eastern Championships. The hazzards are serious. Do NOT leave the pit area until you know where the plate is safe. This not just a declaimer. This is about saving your boat.

Beautiful ice features, and not as bad as it looks. Show up and play!

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