Pushaw Lake ON

Pushaw has recovered from the weather scattershot of the previous week. Bob and Carl skated it yesterday and today, top to bottom and crossed the lake three times. Bob reports that the surface is wind whipped in places; enough to irritate a skater but not a hungry iceboater. Best ice is in the north end, above Twin Islands. There are three depressed pressure ridges which need to be located, checked and marked. Goulds Landing is in fine shape, no issues there.

No other hazzards were seen. Ice is about 5″, very hard, and growing. Bring sharp runners. The wind forecast for tomorrow is about what it was today, which is nil. Friday looks fabulous, as does the weekend and into next week. Boats will be setting up at Goulds Landing Friday morning for checking, scouting, marking, racing, sailing, eating, socializing, welcoming new sailors, and everything else we do when turned loose on great ice for the first time. Hope to see you there.

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  1. Ben Fuller says:

    TIPPY got on the trailer today. Hoping to get her up there Saturday PM (after some stuff down here) or Sunday. As I recall we can leave boats on the ice at Goulds?

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