Great Pond Update:

Lee and Karin skated all around Hoyt Island and found the east side to be flawless, but the west side, the plate directly north from the pits, had some old pressure ridges and one water filled depression about halfway along the island.

We’ll make an effort to locate and mark these features, but you need to sit up and look out. We had a discussion on Pushaw last weekend about marks and if there was a way to define marks the same way as soft water marks insomuch as each mark displays a certain hazzard or channel location. What does it mean when you see a cone or a flag out on the ice? Do you stay away, leave it to port, starboard? We resolved that one needs to be briefed beforehand and told what the mark indicates. If you see a cone or a flag or a branch sticking up out of a hole and don’t know why it’s there then it’s incumbent upon you to stop, approach it carefully and figure it out. Usually it will become obvious.

Great day shaping up for Great Pond. Don’t worry about that little snow creeping into the forecast…

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  1. Lynne Manning says:

    Hi Bill,
    Really enjoy reading about all the iceboating actives ! You guys really have a great passion for your sport, and in a non competitive way. Sailing and exploring the beauty of each location sounds endlessly fascinating. I’m impressed with how you convey the importance of making sure the ice is safe for boating.
    Fantastic photos as well as passionate, articulate writing make’s one want to get an iceboat and become a member!
    Have fun out there 😆😎😁
    Kind Regards, Lynne Manning

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