Great Pond 12-12

The only thing I can say about yesterday is to repeat what everyone else told me over and over: that this was the best day ever, Hands Down. Amazing ice, excellent wind, the drama of blowing snow yet agin revealing the splendor beneath. It’s nice to pull up to a lake and see miles of black ice. Well, perhaps more than just nice, but when it’s covered in a thin negligee which the wind slowly removes and the secret skin revealed one patch at a time, all while flying up and down the lake with a tight group of good sailors…

It’s down there somewhere.

The blowing snow obscured the horizon and made it hard to scout the ice. We found the one big pressure ridge only at the very last minute. Thanks goodness for sharp runners. The fleet yesterday was remarkably able. Nothing broke, boats were well tuned.

This snowy patch in the lee of Hoyt Island never blew clear, but it’s a fabulous spot, with full sun and no wind. The breeze was just as forecast: 10-20 all day long.

The Eastern Lakes Regatta will be held here on Saturday and Sunday. Light air is forecast, so come with sharp runners perfectly aligned. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

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