Sailing Damarscotta Lake 1/27

The moat was thick enough to walk across early this morning, so if it’s thick enough for a couple a guys a trailer should be fine, right? Apparently not. Not only did the trailer drop through, creating two large holes, but the water began to well up and within the hour had soaked the entire marge.

Nonetheless, we turned to carrying boats over the bank. The sun was shining, the temps were low thirties and the beginnings of a breeze was tickling the trees. Jeff gets the prize for setting up his boat on the road side of the moat and then hauling her through the water to the other side, runners riding nicely on the submerged ice.

There were a few more boats that didn’t make the line up; probably about fifteen in all. The SE wind reversed the sailing directions for the lake, which is always fun. The ice is about like what you see here all over the south end, eight inches reported by a nearby fisherman. No drain holes or new pressure ridges. About how we left it last week.

One of the hight points of the day was the launch and maiden voyage of Mini Skeeter #103, skippered with gusto and aplomb by Katie Cousins. The wind was measured at a steady 15 with gusts into the low 20’s. She took her out and brought her back all in one piece. Well, actually two pieces: one of the sheet blocks abandoned ship when its shackle threw the pin.

Thanks to Rob Dmitriof for donating the sail.

Boats are on the ice, planning to sail for a couple of more days. We didn’t manage to organize an expedition to the north end; the pressure ridge will need some work to get over this time. Snow forecast for Tuesday night might put an end to this round but until then it looks like smooth sailing.

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2 Responses to Sailing Damarscotta Lake 1/27

  1. JB says:

    Now there’s a word you don’t hear everyday,marge.

  2. derektor30 says:

    Just bought the plans for the mini- skeeter. If the boat is on the ice tomorrow, I would love to meet the owner or builder. I hope to have one ready for the next season…
    Chris Malliet

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