Dammy 1/28

The wind forecast was wrong again, and agin, in our favor. As we packed up in the fading light the wind was still coming right down the lake as if to tell his that this will be it for a while and to keep sailing. But between the wind, sun and the fun were somewhat cooked. A small group made it up to the north end and found it to still be lousy ice. Not recommended.

The entire plate looked about like this, tempered by yesterdays warm temps. Along with the super dry air and razor sharp light it made for an extraordinary day.

As usual, weather coming, lick your wounds and be ready for the next round. What an amazing season so far…

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2 Responses to Dammy 1/28

  1. David Pope says:

    The launch ramp on RT 213, Bunker Hill Rd was empty 1/28. No moat and good ice. Light wind but nice glass patches. Nothing rough. Plenty of parking.

  2. Bruce Brown says:

    is anyone sailing in the Bangor area?

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